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Updated: Aug 25, 2020

It’s all in you. Don't doubt yourself just close your eyes and just listen to that little voice inside of you. Lately, I’ve been listening to my intuition more often. They will be people that would try to outshine the light in you and you should always do what is so special and meaningful to you.

It's never too late to make a change. Change is always good even when we are feeling devastated, exhausted or we don't see anything happening for us at the moment, making a change is always good. How do you feel at this moment? If you feel like you need to let go something that is making you feel anxious and it does not serve you anymore so let it go, If you feel crying because you can't have so much weight in your chest anymore so cry, being vulnerable is a beautiful feeling and for you to be able to heal and growth you have to look deep into your soul.

You are stronger than you think, if you look into your past you will see that you are in a totally different level and you are better than yesterday and say to yourself; I am healing, I am growing, I am happy with my own self because I am unique just the way I am. It's ok to take time for yourself and if you really believe in yourself you don't need to find yourself is all about CREATING yourself.

All you have in this world is YOU. How about you do this little exercise first thing in the morning when you go to brush your teeth, look yourself in the mirror for 5 minutes and say to yourself, I am beautiful, I am enough, I am smart and I love myself. The feeling you are going to get is AMAZING and if you feel like crying at the moment its ok because that means your subconscious mind is getting the message if I tell you that my crazy ass gets up in the morning and the first thing I said to myself Damn! mamasita look at your sexy body you are so hot and beautiful LOL.

Remember your insecurities you didn't implant them on you someone else did. You are PERFECT just look deep into your soul and you fall in love with yourself.

Written By: Yissendy Trinidad

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