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Letter to my sister

You don't need to carry the same blood to consider yourself, my sister. We're different, we don't have the same skin color, and we have distinct personalities. They say the opposing poles attract. We know each other since we're kids, and seeing each other once a year was very friendly and pleasant. We lasted a year without speaking to each other, but every summer came. I was happy. I got to see my friend, and I called you my sister over the years. Even distance didn't prevent that love of sister we both had. I think of myself. Time passes, and people change and evolve.

We fill ourselves with anger, egos, and resentments. Always in the relationships of friends or lovers, one wants more than the other. One person fights and gives more than another. And time passes, and when the other person is missing or no longer, we feel so guilty and so wounded that we wish at that moment that we leave the pride behind and that we can have demonstrated how we think.

My sister, a friend of my soul, I don't know why you're going through this transition, but I want to tell you that despite our indifference, despite how you feel about me, you will always be my sister and still have a place in my heart. Your departure has been painful for me, and although I know I gave the best of my ability to recover your friendship and love, I learned that I couldn't force someone to love me and loves me the same way I do.

Then I wish you the best. May God bless you today and always and that your triumph will be my triumphs because the truth Is I want to see you shine.

Your friend and your sister forever


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