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Right time, Right place, Right Girl

I know is been a while that I haven’t write in my blog but I have been taking the time to find myself finding balance, healing, and accepting me as the beautiful self that God made me with my flawless weaknesses, getting emotional while I am writing this flying back to LA from Atlanta, and listening to Taylor Swift feeling grateful because is already happening for me.

Right time, Right place, Right Girl yes that’s me! The little girl in me feeling happy because she is living her dreams, she knew at 7 years old that she will be doing big things but the older version of her needs to believe in herself more, her mind has different opinions, feeling doubt about the things that make her beautiful and unique. Why when we get older has so many doubts and so many excuses, letting the opinions of others ruling our world, where is our faith? I’m still in my healing process and I feel maybe this life time my journey is not about love, even though I am craving love, looking for the one, maybe this lifetime is about my career because I have sacrifice so much, but maybe this journey is about loving myself more, and knowing my worth, God made me perfect in his eyes, one of his/her best creation. When is the right time, right place? Is all in me is all in YOU. The right time, the right place and knowing you are the right girl.

I have a desire to go to Europe but before I go to Europe, I got a message from my higher self I must stop to Bali first. My healing journey is not done, and I have so much to do at the right time, right place love will find me.

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