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Right now, I am sitting in a Jet Blue flight, and looking how beautiful and sunny it is outside, and feeling grateful for everything I have in my life, Reflecting the moments I have experiences in the course of my life. Life is beautiful, especially when we can share every moment with the people you love. I can say most of the things I ask God have been given it to me, only that there are moments when we despair because there is always something, we want with so much passion and that takes time and dedication.

What do you want in life?

That is a question most of us don’t know how to answer, we say I want a lot of things but is something specific we want. For some people is money because they feel that having the money they are powerful and people will respect them, for other people is having a family, We all have different priorities, different need & experiences, I was just reflecting all I ever wanted is to be love, Love by my friends and family. Having money helps, of course, and having the career of my dreams is a plus for me, but when you accept and love the people around you for what they are and not for what they can offer you is PRICELESS.

We have 3 people in our life the angels, the guides and the teachers, THE ANGELS are the people who help you, the people when you least expected to come to your life, for example, you don’t have the money for college but out of nowhere someone gives you a donation. Then, we have THE GUIDES these are the one that tells you where to find what you need and how to do it and for the last one we have THE TEACHERS the one that we don’t like, they usually tend to be perceived as bad, but in reality, they act like this because they are fulfilling a mission even if they don’t know it, these are the people that make us stronger.

Use this time wisely, all this pandemic happened for us to take a break and reflecting in ourselves, to forgive ourselves, to love ourselves, to have faith. God is giving you another chance to change your life and to ask for what you really want in your life. You can be anything you want just BELIEVE IN YOURSELF.

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