How can we live in the moment and enjoy it without worrying about the future?

Sometimes we have everything but don’t appreciate it.

Sometimes we forget what is important and what is most precious to us.

When you love want to keep it forever and make sure you never lose it. It’s like holding a bird in your the moment it’s a thriving, beautiful creature.. but the tighter your grip..the more bird suffocates… and the moment you open your hand the bird will fly away..

If you put a lot of pressure on a relationship, if you let yourself be carried away by anxiety, everything you want will disappear. It’s always best if you go with the flow and let things unfold in their own time. Time is a divine treasure, enjoy it, live it, love deeply. Leave fear and anxiety behind because the only thing holding you back is your insecurities. Be authentic and do not worry about tomorrow.

We all want to protect ourselves and our hearts. We are afraid of being vulnerable.

God’s timing is not question why and when..We pray to God for so many reasons. Many of you know how important love is to me.

It’s important to find a person with similar qualities, someone that I can be myself with and accepts me for who I truly am. When I finally get this opportunity and God sends me the wonderful person I’ve been asking for, I start getting scared and this happens to us all.

Be careful what you wish for. Because you’re going to get everything your heart desires sooner or later. I’m proud to be vulnerable because it means I’m capable of anything. When you fear something, make sure to pay attention to that feeling because through fear comes love and love is what we all need most.

Don’t let your thoughts to play tricks with you because we are not only our brains. Open your heart and receive all the love you can because it’s all of our destinies to achieve our dreams. Don’t be afraid to express your feelings. Be Yourself. You’re good enough just the way you are. Just be happy and enjoy the ride 🙂

Yissendy Trinidad

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