Updated: Aug 26, 2020

Everything is temporary in life, the friendship you grew up with are not the same friendship you have now and if you still have those friends since you were in high school or middle school that is a blessing, the material things like your car, clothing and shoes with time loss value and you change it and every year the seasons change and the year change. The only thing that is not temporary is the love you have for yourself and the power you have in you. 

When you are born you do not know and you have no idea what love is. When you are two years old you have some knowledge of what you consider love. For example, a two-year-old girl is given a toy and that toy is so special to her that it is the only thing she sees as love. She hugs him and is very happy with the toy. For you who are an adult is something that is insignificant. A child does not like to share his toy with other children. The first thing they say is this toy is mine. And you complain and it says it's wrong that you should learn to share. Now you are an adult and you have a partner and you love your partner. If someone comes and asks you if you would share your partner you would feel offended and say that your partner is yours and do not share it with anyone. 

What ironies of life. We do not see how important is the toy for the kid but for you it is something insignificant when for the child the toy is everything.

In these times with social media and how it affects most people emotionally is like a poison. Many trying to find themselves because they feel that their life is not complete. We let ourselves be consumed by the anxiety saying what is wrong with me? Because I have not been able to get the job of my dream.I have not been able to find my soulmate, money is what moves the world and if you do not have enough you feel that you are not enough.

Everything is temporary, we all go through seasons that are going well and seasons that go wrong. But why do we focus only on what is going wrong? We should listen more our intuition because usually 99.9% is correct, 1% is because we have trust issues and we do not trust enough.

Everything you need and everything you have is within you. You just have to shut the world and look inside of you. Don’t let the behaviors of others distract you and make you feel that you are less than then. Remember everything is temporary, friends and relationships comes and go and always the ones that walk away from you because they are not moving forward with you for all the blessings that god has instore for you. 

I know it's painful to let go but it is more painful to be stuck and not moving on. Rise and shine my queens and kings. This is part of your journey just enjoy the ride and be grateful. 

Written By: Yissendy Trinidad

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